Helping you to trace your railway ancestor's story

StaffWe have many sources available to us to help you answer the four basic questions you need to ask to trace your railway ancestor in ANY COMPANY in the UK during the period 1830 to 1923.

  • WHICH RAILWAY COMPANY did they work for?
  • WHEN were they working?
  • WHERE were they employed?
  • WHAT did they do?

We can provide advice on history of railways and the different companies, what historic sources exist, how you access them, other indexes, societies you can ask.

"Mr Y who we met at a Family History Fair wanted to trace the records of his great grandfather who had left a British company to work on the Indian Railways - we were able to advise him of the existence of the booklet produced by the British in India Society which gave a comprehensive list of companies and the whereabouts of remaining records."