Midland Railway Accidents

Midland Railway AccidentOur index includes references to accidents occurring on the Midland Railway, which involved either staff; workmen or passengers 1844-1922.

Accident RecordOne example of our research from the 19th century provincial papers - DEATH OF A PLATELAYER IN 1850 at Loughborough Thomas Mitchil [sic], a platelayer, employed by Messrs Playton*. Mitchil was working near the station in the evening, sighting an approaching down train he crossed over to the adjacent up line. Unfortunately he stepped straight into the path of a coal train from Codnor. He sustained serious injuries to his ribs, elbow joint, and thighs and died of his injuries in the local hospital hours later.

*James Payton & Sons were awarded the contract of maintenance of the line south of Derby on 06/04/1847. Their price was lowest at £6721. According to the Director's Minutes the contract expired in 1849 and was not renewed but in 1850 they still appear to be still working for the Midland.