Index Transcriptions

Midland Railway Staff Ledgers

We are transcribing the staff records of the Midland Railway, but Staff records survive at Kew for all the main railway companies and for many of the smaller ones, and what applies to using Midland Railway records applies equally to other companies. The main bulk of the records cover the period before Nationalisation in 1947, with the greater number covering the period pre grouping in 1923.

With regard to the Midland Railway there are approximately 120 staff ledgers or files surviving at the National Archives and we are trying in our index to transcribe as much information as possible which will be of interest to the family history researcher.

These 120 ledgers are of course only a fraction of those that would originally have been in daily use which is an important fact to keep in mind when searching for an ancestor, and why we try to use a wide variety of sources in compiling our index.