About Us

The RousesChris Rouse - Chris, a retired Chartered Accountant has Midland Railway ancestry, including signalmen, platelayers and guards, He has always been keenly interested in researching the history of railways in England and Wales, was one of the first members of the Midland Railway Society, being its Annual President in 2008.He has written a series of articles on early Midland railway accidents, and other subjects relating to the Midland Railway.

Judy Rouse - Judy, a retired librarian is a Family History researcher of long standing, with ancestry based in Wiltshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire. She is a member of Wilts FHS and amongst other things over the years has answered enquiries on its Monumental Inscriptions Index, and had a period as its General Secretary. Judy also has railway men among her ancestors, in her case working for the Great Western Railway Company, which she has been able to research successfully. She also gives talks and writes articles on her Wiltshire and Shropshire ancestry.

Our "Midland Railway Index" originally started in 1999 as an attempt to combine our two interests, and our combined enthusiasms have led to a successful partnership, and the development of advice services to railway family historians. We realised that there was a need for people new to railway research to receive guidance on where to find records for their particular railway ancestor, and this has now become the main focus of our RAILWAY ANCESTRY RESEARCH ADVICE service.

The question " my ancestor helped to build a railway - where do we find records?", has recently led us in the direction of also doing extensive research into the history of 19th Century Railway Construction focusing on the contractors, engineers ,surveyors and navvies who built the railways.

We are able to access a large range of resources to answer enquiries including a personal railway library of nearly 1000 volumes

Our Wyvern Logo

Wyvern Logo

The Wyvern is a heraldic beast, badge of the ancient kings of both West Country Wessex and Midland Mercia. It also appears on the Midland Railway Coat of arms, so it seemed an appropriate device to represent both of our railway backgrounds and interests.